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Contact a transfer specialist if you have any questions or concerns.


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This section provides access to a variety of transfer information and advising tools to assist you in your work with transfer students.

Action Plans help you–the college faculty or staff member–understand and navigate the resources available to students going through the transfer and application processes: Transfer Action Plan and Application Action Plan.

Transfer Specialist Contacts provides contact information for these professionals at colleges and universities in Minnesota.

Transferology is a nation-wide network that gives students quick answers on how their college credits and other learning experiences transfer to higher education institutions.

Transfer Guides and course equivalency information help you assist transfer students in selecting courses that will satisfy program or major requirements at the receiving colleges or universities.

Transfer Websites provide you with specific transfer information for colleges and universities in the United States and Canada.

Articulation Agreements are provided in a searchable database for Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, the University of Minnesota, and other colleges and universities for specialized professional or technical programs (e.g., AS, AFA, AAS, diplomas, certificates). These agreements specify which courses taken at a sending college can be applied to program/major goals at the receiving college or university.

Bachelor of Applied Science provides a description and links to programs leading to this degree.

Admissions Information provides access to admissions websites for colleges and universities in Minnesota. You also will find admissions and contact information, deadlines, and tuition information.

Admissions Testing Information provides access to websites with assessment/testing information for admission requirements and course placement for colleges and universities in Minnesota.

Course information is provided for the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, the University of Minnesota, and Private colleges and universities.

Catalogs provide access to comprehensive information about an institution's policies, procedures, and offerings.

Catalog/Curriculum Changes are provided for past academic years for the Minnesota State Colleges & Universities.

Other Types of Transfer Credit provides information about credits accepted by the Minnesota State Colleges & Universities, as well as descriptions of each credit type (Advanced Placement (AP), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), International, Military, International Baccalaureate (IB), Credit for Life Work/Experience, and more.

CollegeSource/TES is a world-wide resource for college information.

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