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Financial Aid

This section provides information and resources about financial aid and scholarships.

General Information provides access to financial aid websites for colleges and universities in Minnesota.

Scholarship Information provides access to scholarship information for colleges and universities in Minnesota.

Financial Aid Terms provides definitions of common financial aid terms and acronyms.

You also can access more financial aid resources at the following websites: Minnesota Office of Higher Education, Scholarship Scams, Identity Theft and Student Aid, Minnesota Association of Financial Aid Administrators.

Important Reminder for Transfer Students

Financial aid does not automatically transfer from institution to institution. You must apply again when you transfer by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and have it sent to the college of your choice. The FAFSA must be submitted for every academic year. Some institutions also require an institutional financial aid application and a Financial Aid Transcript (FAT) which indicates what aid students received at their previous school(s).

Contact your institution's financial aid representatives regarding necessary forms and deadlines.

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